Keys to Church Health: Church Consultant Training

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Learn How To Become A Church Consultant

Access cutting edge church consultant training and tools for your own business

Learn how to combine your expertise and experience with best practice and church assessment tools so you can help church leaders grow healthy churches. You’ll benefit from:

  • Step-by-step training in principles of church health, assessment and coaching.
  • One to one coaching calls focusing on subjects essential to your training
  • Access to a pre-existing suite of cutting-edge church health assessment tools you can easily incorporate into your consultancy

Churches all over the world are looking for guidance and coaching. With this training, you’ll be fully equipped to help leaders build healthy churches so they can reach their true potential and fulfil the mission and vision God has given them.

As well as training through webinars and a written syllabus, coaching support is also available for your ongoing development.

Access to my Church Health Assessment tools is also potentially available. You can incorporate a suite of tried-and-tested tools in your church consultancy practice from the beginning of your business and start serving churches immediately.

If you are passionate about seeing churches grow in health and make a kingdom impact, this church consultant training is for you. All the content and tools you need are available to build your own ministry helping leaders build healthy churches.

There are eight workshops included in this series, with optional reflection exercises included with each.

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