Unleash Your Fivefold Flow

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Eager to flow in your fivefold gifts in your life, work, and ministry?

This hands-on, step-by-step video workshop series equips people like you – whether you are in paid Christian ministry or not – with the knowledge and tools needed to identify, activate and unleash your unique fivefold ministry gifting into your world.

There are nine workshops included in this series, with optional reflection questions at the end.

Program Content

Workshop 1: Discovering Your Fivefold Purpose
Workshop 2: Identifying Your Fivefold Flow
Workshop 3: Activating Your FiveFold Flow
Workshop 4: Expressing Your Apostolic Flow
Workshop 5: Expressing Your Prophetic Flow
Workshop 6: Expressing Your Evangelistic Flow
Workshop 7: Expressing Your Pastoral Flow
Workshop 8: Expressing Your Teaching Flow
Workshop 9: Unleashing Your FiveFold Flow
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