Unleash Your Apostolic Flow

Discover how to take your apostolic ministry to the next level

Apostolic Flow

Unleash Your Apostolic Flow is an eight-module online program. A combination of biblically-based teaching and training with a proven personal strategic planning process, the program will transform you by bringing clarity, revelation, and insight so you can go to the next level in your apostolic ministry

It includes:

  • A Holy Spirit-led, revelation-driven personal growth plan unique to your journey
  • 8 online training modules on the apostolic expression
  • Video and assessment resources
  • Reflection exercises to capture your revelations and ground the teaching
  • Lifetime access
  • Options for personal development and fivefold coaching

Module 1

Discover the framework that God has created to maximise and harness the power of the apostolic, and your role within it.

Come away with a deeper understanding of how God uniquely uses the apostolic so you can function in your sweet spot.

Module 2

Understand how God has wired you, and how that works. Learn about the apostolic character of God, how you reflect that, apostolic flows, the four apostolic people shapes, and the four stages of apostolic growth.

Come away with keys to grow in the apostolic in a way that reveals the heart of God so you can apostolically minister more effectively

Module 3

Learn about the reference point for the apostolic modelled in Jesus, the scriptures, and examples from church history, and how the apostolic shapes and is shaped by the fivefold.

Come away knowing the eight ministry strategies you could employ so you can maximise your impact in both the church and the marketplace

Module 4

Discover core apostolic focus and priorities, the four dimensions of healthy apostolic function, and how the apostolic shapes your spirituality, values, community, and ministry.

Come away knowing your apostolic call, assignment and outworkings so you can live in your ‘best fit’

Module 5

Understand the importance of character, the power of identifying and understanding your temperament, core apostolic strengths, the shadow side of the apostolic, common apostolic susceptibilities, and eliminating apostolic dysfunctions.

Come away knowing how to evade snares and traps you may be vulnerable to and avoid being disarmed or neutralised.

Module 6

Learn key skills essential for apostolic success, a skills growth process to help you flourish, and key apostolic tactics foundational to ministry.

Come away knowing the five unique strengths hardwired into your spirit so you can harness them naturally and supernaturally.

Module 7

Discover what you bring into relationships, and what relationships you need to thrive apostolic, and how to cultivate the essential relational dynamics that apostolic people need for health and growth.

Come away knowing the three core relationships essential for apostolic health so you can be strengthened and fortified

Module 8

Understand cycles of apostolic growth and rest, your spheres and seasons of action, the five levels of spiritual authority, and the priority steps to take to advance to the next level.

Come away with a Spirit-led strategic plan showing your next steps so you can fully unleash your momentum

This program is for people who can say ‘yes’ to one of the following:

  • have taken the FiveFold Flow Assessment and your primary expression is apostolic
  • feel you have an apostolic gift or ministry
  • are a pioneer, innovator, or reformer – either inside or outside the church
  • believe you could be called to the office of the apostle
  • are willing and able to invest time, energy, and finance

This program is not for people who:

  • do not have a primary apostolic expression
  • are looking for a formal endorsement of apostleship
  • aren’t willing or able to invest time, energy and finance

Next Steps

You have two options:

1. You can book your place on the program NOW

2. If you have questions, you can contact me HERE.


I guarantee this will be one of the most insightful, empowering, and equipping training experiences you have ever participated in.

You’ll get proven tools and practices, with a detailed personal plan to help you build what you learn into your life so you can truly unleash your apostolic flow in ministry and the marketplace.

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